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Uses of  Genetic  DNA  Testing.


Genetic testing has developed recently due to advancement in scientific knowledge has variety and varied uses including paternity testing.  This best dna test has been used to test a variety of diseases during pregnancy, or even for forensic investigations.  However, there are some uses of genetic testing and also how they usually work.


The first use of genetic testing is known as paternity testing that is used to show who is the biological father of the unborn baby. Whenever there is a doubt about the who is the father of the unborn child,  this testing not only can it hold implications for the relationship between the parents and the father and the child, but also legal and financial implications?


This testing is usually done by collecting a sample of the father, mother and the child's DNA, and then they are compared at different points. This dna testing uk method will verify the paternity more as compared to older methods. Besides being the most accurate way, paternity is also painless as a DNA sample can be collected from a swab of the cheek.


The other use of genetic testing is verifying the family tree and verify family history. This is achieved by comparing the Y chromosome of one generation to the other generation; this is because the Y chromosome don t tend to change down through the generation. This Y chromosome will portray similar characteristics in people who have a common ancestor.  Hence, it will help establish ancestral lines.


It is also related to genetic testing for ancestry or even tells what percentage of each race group you have in your DNA. When you use ancestral genetic testings in laboratories that offer this service or even home packs to test your real ancestry, you will be able to determine your ancestral race history.


Another genetic testing is the prenatal genetic testing that is used to discover various diseases or even health problems before the child is born. This testing identifies many diseases that are related to an abnormality in the DNA; this will help the parents to do what is required best for their child.  To understand more about DNA testing, visit http://www. ehow. com/list_5839095_dna-extraction-important_. html.


The best thing about genetic testing is that it is not -invasive and also painless because DNA swabs can be taken from the cheek for comparison instead of taking blood. When the DNA swabs are taken from the check, they are then analyzed in a laboratory to compare different DNA segments and there after determining the results of the test taken.