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Important Genetic Health Tests That Should Be Done Before Marriage


Marriage is more often than not a very important life stage that should only be done by those that are 100% sure that they have found their soulmates. It should be done by those individuals who happen to know each other long enough and are crazy in love with each other always trying to help each other in all their endeavors. It is therefore necessary to be adequately prepared beforehand in order to make this time a special and memorable one. Wedding preparations require a lot of time, effort, and finances. It is therefore a common occurrence before marriage when the family of the engaged couples get stressed and overly busy in preparation of the wedding.


It is normal practice for premarital health tests to be done six months prior to the wedding day. It is also highly advised by health specialists to have the health tests done to you and your partner regularly even after tying the knot. If during the premarital test one or both of you have been found positive to some of the tested diseases and conditions, then treatment can be started immediately or you can decide to wait until marriage for the both of you to start the treatment process. Below are some of the most important issues when it comes to health tests with the dna kit for couples that are engaged and ready to tie the knot:


Urinary Tract Infection Or Sexually Transmitted Diseases


One of the major reasons why medical screening is done to couples that are about to tie the knot is to avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis. Women have been proven to be at higher risk of contacting such kinds of diseases compared to men. This has been mainly attributed to the V-shaped female genitals that are warm and more often than not can accommodate and bread these kinds of viruses. The use of kits from dna tests uk should help.


The male genital parts on the other hand can be easily cleaned and are far less likely to host viruses. If one of the spouses has been found to be suffering from one or more of these tested diseases and conditions, he/she should first be treated before going ahead with the wedding plans to ensure that the marriage is safe and harmonious. If the man has been confirmed to be suffering from hepatitis B, his future wife should be vaccinated and made immune to the hepatitis B virus in order for the couple to have a safe and enjoyable sex life.


If the couple has been diagnosed with a venereal disease that has no cure but still want to go ahead with the marriage plans, they are highly advised to practice safe sex and always use a condom for protection and to stop the spread of the disease. Check out http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/25/health/national-dna-day-tests/index.html to gain more details about DNA testing.